Obviously, the allegations of Tom Cruise’s ‘confidential’ auditing sessions being recorded back in 2001-2002, and the use these so-called “confidential” confessions by Scientology boss David Miscavige to entertain his entourage has caused the newswire to glow red hot. (The source of all this is Marty Rathbun’s blog.)

I just want to add a little background materials to this.

Recorded ‘confidential’ auditing sessions is something that made the news back in 1993, in an article titled, “Scientologists concealing cameras while counseling,” in the Tampa Tribune, on September 18th, 1993:

Church of Scientology officials are installing concealed cameras and microphones in at least 69 counseling rooms where church members reveal their innermost thoughts, a church spokesman confirms.

Also, the allegations of David Miscavige using parishioners’ private life to entertain people around him was also in the news in the early 90s, as reported in an article titled, “The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power,” in Time magazine, May 1991:

Screen star Travolta, 37, has long served as an unofficial Scientology spokesman, even though he told a magazine in 1983 that he was opposed to the church’s management. High-level defectors claim that Travolta has long feared that if he defected, details of his sexual life would be made public. . . . The church’s former head of security, Richard Aznaran, recalls Scientology ringleader Miscavige repeatedly joking to staffers about Travolta’s allegedly promiscuous homosexual behavior.

In, 2005, Billy Bush of Access Hollywood, questioned Tom Cruise regarding the controversy surrounding the Church of Scientology. Tom Cruise’s answer was:

Those are lies… you know… and… and really when you get down to it… It’s like there is people… you know… there is bigots… There is people that just want to hate, period, Billy.

Well, really when you get down to it, Tom Cruise — or any Church of Scientology member for that matter — would have been well-advised to not dismiss those former Scientologists who spoke out.

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