I am of the opinion that the only way to best understand what Scientology is, is by having an accurate and as complete as possible historical record of all things related to Scientology and affiliated organizations.

In that spirit, I will collect here questions which I believe should be answered by Michael “Mike” Rinder in order to help adding to the historical record.

I will update this entry as new questions arise from reading historical archives related to Scientology. Hopefully, key historical information re. the Church of Scientology will not be lost to the memory hole.

Was the Church of Scientology really unaware of Chuck Anderson’s “knowledge report”?

On June 2, 2002, the St. Petersburg Times published an article, entitled “The CEO and his church”, which main topic was about Bryan Zwan and Digital Lightwave. Excerpt:

[Chuck Anderson] wrote an 11-page, single-spaced knowledge report to Scientology leaders and Zwan, detailing all he had seen the last few months. Anderson wrote that [Denise Miscavige] Licciardi was out of control … Church officials say there is no record they ever received Anderson’s report. “We could spend hours and hours and hours going and checking this to say with absolute certainty that nobody ever got any copy of that,” said Scientology official Mike Rinder. “We can’t guarantee that there may not be a person out there that may have seen something.”

Question: Was the Church of Scientology, and/or you, really unaware of the existence of Chuck Anderson’s knowledge report re. Digital Lightwave/Denise Miscavige prior to the reporter interviewing you, prior to the media becoming aware of the alleged fraud?

Update: In mid-July of 2010, a Declaration of Mark “Marty” Rathbun, in the case of Claire Headley v. CSI, RTC, was released on the internet. Paragraph 27:

… RTC in fact serves to cover up the criminal activity of David Miscavige. For example, Miscavige once ordered me to keep his sister’s involvement in a stock market fraud out of the press. Miscavige’s sister, Denise, had partnered with a Scientologist named Brian Zwan in a company called Digital Lightwave in Clearwater Florida. A whistleblower from the company disclosed to the media and SEC that Denise Miscavige and Brian Zwan conspired to defraud the public by falsely reporting Digital’s production on Wall Street. Zwan made hundreds of millions of dollars by manipulating the stock in that wise. When I investigated and briefed Miscavige on these facts, he ordered that I keep his sister out of the way of SEC subpoenas. I complied. A year later, having successfully evaded SEC prosecution because of his own perjury and because of my work on behalf of David Miscavige, Brian Zwan …

I suppose I can make a reasonable guess that the “whistleblower” was in fact Chuck Anderson. But it doesn’t answer the question on whether the existence of Chuck Anderson’s “Knowledge report” was known by the Church of Scientology prior to the media reporting it, as Mike Rinder told the media.

Where did Lisa McPherson died?

On May 9, 1997, the St. Petersburg Times published an editorial piece, entitled “When did she die?”, in which it is reported that you told a German reporter that Lisa McPherson died in a room at the Fort Harrison, while the official version of the Church of Scientology was that she died on her way to the hospital:

The television interview with Rinder was conducted by German broadcast journalists Mona Botros and Egmont Koch.

During a segment concerning the McPherson case, Rinder said: “The entire subject has become a sordid, sensationalistic media event which is capitalizing on the tragedy of the death of a woman who died in a hotel room.”

Realizing the statement’s implications, Botros asked for a clarification: “In a hotel room?”

Elliot Abelson, the church’s general counsel, responded: “Uhm hum,” indicating the statement was correct.

Rinder heads Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, which is responsible for public relations and legal affairs.

Question: Where did Lisa McPherson died?

Update: Found a video excerpt of Mike Rinder’s statement, on this site (I converted to FLV format):