I am of the opinion that the only way to best understand what Scientology is, is by having an accurate and as complete as possible historical record of all things related to Scientology and affiliated organizations.

In that spirit, I will collect here questions which I believe should be answered by Mark “Marty” Rathbun in order to help adding to the historical record.

I will update this entry as new questions arise from reading historical archives related to Scientology. Hopefully, key historical information re. the Church of Scientology will not be lost to the memory hole.

Re. Margery Wakefield

Excerpts from the St. Petersburg Times, Oct. 21, 2009, “Chased by their church”:

Morehead said he worked with Rathbun to develop a “blow drill,” a plan the church followed when someone left without permission, which he said happened maybe once a month.

Rathbun oversaw and participated in staff recovery missions.“It all had to do with the hierarchy of how close you were to Miscavige, how much you knew about him and how damaging what you knew might be,” Rathbun said.

From the Orlando Sentinel, August 2, 1989, “Ex-Scientologist risks jail to speak against church”:

Scientology leaders feared that she was a suicide risk, Wakefield said, and feared she could bring bad publicity.

They locked her in a room for two weeks, she said, with guards outside the door at all times. Finally, they took her to the airport, told her to pick a destination and put her on a plane. She went back to her family in Madison, Wis.

In 1981 three Scientologists tracked her down. They took her to a motel and held her there for three days, she said, forcing her to sign an agreement promising not to sue the church in exchange for a $16,000 check. She used the money to repay her father, who had lent her money for “auditing” sessions. …

… However, she now says that she believed the money was for damages, not for her silence.

Question: Were you one of these “three Scientologists” who tracked down Margery Wakefield? If not, did you oversee the operation to coerce Margery Wakefield into signing an ‘agreement’ to not sue and keep silent regarding Scientology?

Re. Digital Lightwave’s stock fraud

In mid-July of 2010, a Declaration of Mark “Marty” Rathbun, in the case of Claire Headley v. CSI, RTC, was released on the internet. Paragraph 27:

… RTC in fact serves to cover up the criminal activity of David Miscavige. For example, Miscavige once ordered me to keep his sister’s involvement in a stock market fraud out of the press. Miscavige’s sister, Denise, had partnered with a Scientologist named Brian Zwan in a company called Digital Lightwave in Clearwater Florida. A whistleblower from the company disclosed to the media and SEC that Denise Miscavige and Brian Zwan conspired to defraud the public by falsely reporting Digital’s production on Wall Street. Zwan made hundreds of millions of dollars by manipulating the stock in that wise. When I investigated and briefed Miscavige on these facts, he ordered that I keep his sister out of the way of SEC subpoenas. I complied. A year later, having successfully evaded SEC prosecution because of his own perjury and because of my work on behalf of David Miscavige, Brian Zwan …

Question: You say accountability — that is, “SEC prosecution” — was successfully averted thanks to Bryan Zwan’s “perjury”, and thanks to your “work on behalf of David Miscavige.” Given that this “work” of your contributed to evade “SEC prosecution” and consequently to have justice being served for the sake of all the investors in DL’s stocks, I am really curious: What were the details of that “work”?

Re. The 1982 plot to entrap Judge Krentzman

In your July 2010 declaration submitted in the case of Claire Headley v. CSI, RTC, you state (my emphasis in bold):

… in summer of 1981 I was appointed to an operation called Special Project. Headed by David Miscavige, our job was to attain an “All Clear” for Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. An All Clear was defined as a state of legal affairs wherein it was safe for L. Ron Hubbard to return to the International Management Base near Hemet, California with no danger of being dragged into ongoing litigation. For the next five and one half years I worked around the clock coordinating the defense of litigation across the United States and world. The successful termination of said litigation would amount to an All Clear. …

As per the above statement, between the Summer 1981 and Winter of 1986, you worked around the clock to shield Hubbard from being accountable in the courts.

On January 22th, 1984, a news article was published in the Clearwater Sun, detailing a plot to “entrap and compromise a Tampa federal judge”, Judge Krentzman.

Selected excerpts from the article (my emphasis in bold):

… [the 1982 plot] involved an attempt to lure U.S. District Judge Ben Krentzman aboard a boat off the Pinellas Suncoast where prostitutes and drugs were to be used to put the judge in a compromising position …

… confidential sources have told the Sun that federal investigators have been in contact in recent weeks with a former high-ranking Scientologist, a witness whose identity is a tightly guarded secret. …

The witness reportedly was ordered by Hubbard — through another sect official — to use $250,000 to execute the plan to compromise Krentzman because Scientology officials anticipated an unfavorable ruling in the trial, according to sources. …

… One of Krentzman’s more controversial cases was Tonja C. Burden vs. the Church of Scientology, a long and complicated trial which began in July 1980

Miss Burden, then 20, filed a $ million suit against the sect to compensate her for alleged mental abuse, brainwashing, imprisonment and fraud, according to public records. Miss Burden said she entered the Church of Scientology with her parents at age 13 and was for a time a “personal slave” to former pulp science fiction writer and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. …

During the trial, Krentzman ordered the sect to reveal the whereabouts of the reclusive Hubbard, who had not been seen in a number of years.

Question: Do you know anything about this alleged plot to “entrap and corrupt” Judge Krentzman? If yes, who was involved in it? Who planned it? Who relayed orders? Who participated in it? All the details would be appreciated in order to ensure an accurate historical record of Scientology.

More from Scientology library: Judge Ben Krentzman.

Re. The missing Lisa McPherson logs

On June 22, 2009, the St. Petersburg Times published an article entitled, “Death in slow motion”, regarding Lisa McPherson’s death. The article contains this passage:

In early 1997 as investigators closed in, Rathbun met with church staff at Scientology offices in Hollywood, Calif. They combed the daily logs that McPherson’s caretakers kept during her 17 days at the Fort Harrison.

Three entries particularly troubled Rathbun.

One contained a bizarre sexual reference McPherson had made. Another revealed that no one thought to remove the mirror from the room of a psychotic woman bent on harming herself. The third was one caretaker’s opinion that the situation was out of control and that McPherson needed to see a doctor.

Rathbun concluded the notes had to go.

“I said, ‘Lose ’em’ and walked out of the room,” he recalled, adding that the decision to destroy the records was his own.

Question: Did the logs contain any information indicating that Lisa McPherson was dead hours prior to be transported to New Port Richey Hospital?

Re. “drugs on them that had been planted”

On May 30, 2010, Steven Hassan posted a video entitled, “Megaraid 5-30-10 Hotel meeting”. The video features Larry Brennan, Nancy Many and Steven Hassan talking freely about Scientology, the Moonies, and mechanisms used by cults in general.

At the 17-minute, 20-second mark, Nancy Many says (while reminiscing of her days in Scientology):

… there was a conjunction, in which one of the groups I was spying on, was run by a European group, and Marty did set up some [?] various stings to be done across the border, get people stopped at the borders with drugs on them that had been planted, other nasty things, but he would never listen to my information …

Question: Did you really entrap, or participate in plot(s) to entrap people, by planting drugs on them, so that they would be busted on drug possession charges?

If yes, I am curious about:

  • The names of people who were entrapped;
  • Time of events;
  • Location(s);
  • All people involved in the plot(s) to entrap (Who ordered whom? Who designed? Who executed? Etc.)

What happened to Ed Brewer?

First from an anonymous source:

Ed Brewer is involved in a car accident. Several other Sea Organization or Scientology staff members are in the car with him. He is left in the car, bleeding, while the others go back to the Scientology building to talk to the people in the intelligence division, because they don’t know what to do. They “didn’t want to create a public relations flap for Scientology”. They fail to call for medical help. Brewer literally bled to death pinned in his car.

[Ref.: http://www.holysmoke.org/cos/ed-brewer-death.htm]

Second, from Jesse Prince (my emphasis):

What I heard about Ed Brewer was he was out ethics, and he was with some car accidents and bled to death. It was a problem that he bled death. They didn’t believe he bled to death or something. I know it came up as a big problem when Ed Brewer died. It’s really bad that he died, the guy bled to death, he was in a car, people walked away from him. I remember hearing this story, the Ed Brewer story. I remember hearing Marty talk about it.

[Ref.: Factnet: Jesse Prince interviews – Tape 4]

Question: What really happened to Ed Brewer?

key historical information re. the Church of Scientology