… she suggested church members would drift off to independent Scientologists who, she claimed, can provide the same service for a fraction of the price.

“The church is losing tons of people tired of paying $3,500 for 12 and a half hours of auditing,” she said.

Her husband agreed. Contrary to Hubbard’s teachings, members are now encouraged to take out loans to cover the cost of auditing, Chuck Dean said. …

… “They’re moneymongers,” he said of church leadership. “They want to amass as much money as possible for themselves.”

These excerpts come from an article dated June 2nd, 1984.

Isn’t it amazing how the above claims fits exactly some of the accusations leveled recently at the Church of Scientology by a new wave of ex-members?

Isn’t even more amazing that many of these recent ex-members were themselves high-ranking members back in 1984, about 25 years ago, at the time the accusation of “money mongering” were made?

“Money mongering” does seem to be a natural outcome of L. Ron Hubbard (the founder) doctrines and policies — which are Scientology ‘scriptures.’

I wonder what kind of stories we will hear 25 years from now.

Full article: Youngsters expelled from school in Church of Scientology storm | Seattle Post-Intelligencer | 2 June 1984.