On September 7, 2009, the Australian Herald Sun published an article relating the suicide of Edward McBride. In the article, there was a mention that Edward McBride was aspiring to become a Scientology auditor, and at the time I didn’t think there was any links between his suicide and Scientology.

However, as the story unfold, Edward McBride’s suicide is showing uncanny similarities with other suicides which have been linked to Scientology – and the stonewalling in which the Church of Scientology is engaging regarding this case reinforces the suspicions that the Church of Scientology might be directly related to death of the young Edward McBride.

Reportedly, the Church of Scientology phoned the young Edward McBride 19 times in the 48 hours preceding his suicide.

Reading this brought to mind the following cases (out of many more):

All these cases also share a common theme, ever present in Scientology: The extent to which the Scientologists will go to sell courses and materials. In Scientology, one of the most important measure of “Scientology spiritual progress” is what is called “Stats”, and for staff Scientologists, “Scientology spiritual progress” is all about how much courses and materials they sell.

Scientologists are even trained in “hard sell techniques”, which techniques leave little to no regard to the emotional and financial well-being of people (Hubbard even contemptuously used the word “raw meat” to refer to potential converts…), and using weaknesses of vulnerable people is also part of the training in order to sell.

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